Hour-long videos are coming to Instagram soon


Instagram has been constantly improving its app through new features and updates. From muting an account to resharing posts to stories while adding music and new emoji sliders, the company has been introducing various new functionalities.

According to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Facebook-owned Instagram is planning to modify the time constraints it offers for videos on its platform. The new feature is an effort to give users to have more time flexibility and allow them to post videos up to an hour long. The feature is also an attempt to bring Instagram more in line with YouTube and Facebook where users can post videos without taking into view the time constraints.

At present, Instagram let users post a video limited to 60 seconds while Instagram stories allow short clips of 15 seconds each. This new feature will focus on vertical videos according to the WSJ. Instagram Stories are already designed around that tall, vertical video format, and the report has not made it clear whether longer videos would be allowed only in that section of the app or also allowed in the main feed of the platform.

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Instagram has a family of over 800 million users, of which about 300 million are active daily users of the stories feature. Stories allow users to watch time-limited posts that expire after a day, giving users a magazine-like view into the lives of the people and accounts they follow. Videos with long duration could even fit into the stories section too, as Instagram seems to introduce a feature designed to share long videos.

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