6 Pakistani must-follow Instagram accounts for book-a-holics


Our feature, Social Media Focus has brought you inspirational Pakistani digital artists to follow on Instagram. Now, we present you a list of local book lovers that are equally enthusiastic about clicking their reads and flaunting them on Instagram. These accounts will definitely prove to be therapeutic for the bibliophile in you!

1. Salma Elmo

2. Asmara Ahmed

Did you ever listen to that song by Savage Garden, ‘Two Beds and A Coffee Machine’? Life in medicine is a lot like that, moments of piano-note bright victory interspersed with the gloom of entropy. Like Midas, the physician’s touch irrevocably changes their patient. The years go by so fast, Wonder how I ever made it through… My Grandfather, my Abba Ji, an avid collector of Reader Digests, succumbed to pneumonia, his last breaths rattling through a ventilator in an ICU. A few weeks later, I was starting my first classes in Shifa College of Medicine. I lost my Grandmother a year after that. My Tayya passed away when I was in my Final Year of Med School, a year after that my father’s flight, Bhoja Air 213, crashed, leaving no survivors. See, none of us is a stranger to Death. We’re just waltzing around with other partners until this beautiful stranger taps us on the shoulder and we realize, finally, its our turn. Dr Kalanithi’s book is a similar waltz, graceful and with a cadence that you will never forget. In so many ways, I could connect with him, unlike any other writer or doctor I’ve ever come across. He shared a passion for writing and literature, obtaining a Masters in English Literature, before starting Medicine. As a doctor, he was close to the pinnacle of his career, completing his residency in Neurosurgery from Stanford University. We become so attuned to seeing doctors as these super-human, unfeeling and arrogant creatures that seeing them as human as us is almost sacrilege. In a society like ours, where demi-god status is thrust upon a mere medical student, seeing the slightest hesitation is seen as weakness. Reading Dr Kalanithi’s work is refreshing in that context as well, a physician-turned-patient at the hand of end-stage lung cancer, faced with the prospect of not a life after residency but life after his death for his wife and infant daughter. (Continued) #asmireads #asmireviews #asmibooks #bookstagrampak #bookstagramfeature #igreads #kbskitabreview #paulkalanithi #whenbreathbecomesair #libertybooks

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3. Sania Sidiki

Okay. So I admit, when I put my mind to #bookphotography, I make sure to snap atleast 3 in quick succession (without much success sadly ????). My #bookstagram is not that lively, as compared to @urooj.reads, @myriadinklings, @littlebookwormig or as dark and breathtakingly #gothic like @darkreaders, cuz I don’t have a good camera yet. And I am in the middle of a very hectic schedule at my college (where I teach) that very little time is given to my pictures. ???? However, I would absolutely be delighted if you post your favourite #yogaposes and hashtag it, #yogaforsania so I can see your fitness regiment. ???? #bookish #booklovers #trending #bookit #bookporn #booksph #vscocam #vscopakistan #vsco #Karachi #instagood #instareads #readinglist #reading #ilovereading #creative #fresh #collins #MondayBlues #booksofinstagram #booksandtea #YaAli #Bookmarks

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4. Syeda Urooj Fatima

5. Sharmine

When the best friend reads! #stunning @aleeakhan

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6. Fareeha Hashmi

7. Sana Zafar

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