Warid Updates its Advance Balance Service


Warid Telecom has updated its “Warid Advance Balance” service making it more convenient for its customers.

Warid customers only need to subscribe to the Warid Advance Balance service and never run-out of balance.

Now instead of sending the request to get the Advance every time, the Customers shall subscribe in “Warid Advance Balance” service for once and get the Advance automatically whenever their account shall run empty.

Customers can subscribe for “Warid’s Advance Balance” service by sending an SMS with “AB” to short code 7676 and can be unsubscribed by sending an SMS with “OFF” to 7676. Subscriber for this offer will be charged Rs. 2+tax on every Advance credit received.

Details & Mechanics:

  • Subscribe to Advance Balance by sending “AB” to 7676*
    *Sending any other keywords or even a blank SMS to 7676 will get you subscribed to this service.
  • There are no charges for sending SMS to 7676, service charges is charged only on successful Advance Balance.
  • Available to Warid Prepaid Subscribers only.
  • This service is currently available for limited packages.
  • In order to qualify for Advance Balance:
    • Customer should be active during the past 90 days.
    • Customer should be at-least 4 months old in order to qualify for Advance Balance.
    • Your current prepaid balance should be low enough as not being able to use basic services.
  • Service charges of Rs.2+tax shall be applicable over and above the Advance balance amount.
  • No extra charges or taxes apply on the Advance Balance amount apart from the Service charges.
  • Subscriber can utilize this feature only once before clearing their Advance Balance + Service charges amount. Once the amount is cleared the subscriber is eligible for another Advance Balance.
  • Once the Advance balance limit is consumed, the subscriber will have to recharge/top-up via the conventional methods available.
  • Upon the next recharge/top up customer is charged the Advance balance amount plus service charges for utilizing the service
  • Partial deductions to Advance Balance amount shall be done where customer’s recharge amount is less than the Advance Balance + Service charges.

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