Warid Supports White Ribbon Campaign

Warid Supports White Ribbon Campaign
Group Photo of Warid staff members pledging gender equality and ending violence against women.

Continuing to do its part earnestly, Warid Telecom this year again supports the White Ribbon Pakistan campaign.

The day is marked internationally on November 25th to show support and solidarity to women suffering different kinds of violence in their lives. Warid staff members marked the day by signing the pledge cards and wearing the white ribbons.

The Company also broadcasted SMS to its customers while this message is also being spread using Warid social media.

Speaking on collaboration with Warid, Chief Executive Officer, White Ribbon Pakistan Mr. Omer Aftab said ‘Warid as a brand is perhaps the most active brand around, honoring its responsibility to the society. Previously, we have had  joint successful campaigns with Warid Telecom and its employee engagement for the cause that has greatly helped us spreading the message at a wider level. More corporates should come forward with the thought responsibility strategy and role for social contribution and welfare.

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