Warid Launches Youth Specific Portal


Warid yesterday launched Youth Portal which gives a comprehensive list of services for the youth. Along with a host of academic based services, Warid Youth Portal also includes fashion, career and fitness guides to satisfy the needs of youth directly on their mobile phones!

Warid Youth Portal provides a content–rich platform where you can send, receive and share information and opinions as you like on what interests you, be it education or leisure activities. The following content categories are available to all subscribers of Warid Youth Portal:

  • Student tips
  • Career tips
  • Sports Review
  • Fitness tips
  • Fashion trends
  • Student Awareness
  • Technology Review

The following additional content categories can be enabled at a one-time only additional cost of Rs.1+tax:

  • Scholarship alerts
  • Discount alerts
  • IQ and vocabulary
  • City happenings

On request, with additional charges of Rs.1.00+tax, subscribers can get more information on the following topics:

  • Student Visa Information
  • University Rankings
  • Exam Datesheets
  • Exam Results
  • Exam Syllabus
  • Exam Preparation
  • Academy Locator
  • Internship Alerts
  • Entertainment News


  • To subscribe to Warid Youth Portal, send SUB in an SMS to 6262.
  • To unsubscribe from the service, send UNSUB in an SMS to 6262.
  • Further actions can be performed by sending the following keywords to 6262:
    • MENU: To access Main Menu
    • HELP: To access Help Menu


  • Subscription for Warid Prepaid and Glow customers: 1.00+tax/day
  • Subscription for WaridPostpaid customers: 30.00+tax/month
  • SMS to 6262: 0.05+t/SMS
  • SMS to 6767: 1.00+t/SMS

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