Warid Introduces International Prepaid Data Roaming Services

clip_image001Warid telecom has launched International GPRS /data Roaming services for its Prepaid customers.

Starting with Saudi Arabia and UAE, this international data roaming for prepaid customers is claimed by Warid to be the industry first.

Warid has advised its customers – who carry smartphones – to disconnect Data Connection/Cellular Data option to prevent auto sync, which may result into over billing issues.

As our readers may know, data services while International roaming is not economical at all but this facility by Warid can be handy during the emergency hours. Otherwise, its better to stick with Wi-Fi internet while you are roaming.

How to Subscribe:

  • While no security deposit is required to avail this offer but users will have to activate International Data Roaming Service by calling the Helpline 321.




Network Code

Uplink Charges

Downlink Charges

MMS Rates

Charging Interval


Saudi Arabia Etisalat 420-03 $0.002 $0.002 $0.57 10 KB +96265828100
Saudi Arabia Al Jawal 420-01 $0.023 $0.023 $6.96 10 KB +96614555555
Saudi Arabia Zain 420-04 $0.023 $0.023 $6.96 10 KB NA
UAE Du 420-03 $0.001 $0.001 $0.21 1 KB +971555555177
UAE Etisalat 420-02 $0.022 $0.022 $6.54 30 KB +9714004101


Terms and Conditions:

  • To get Prepaid International Roaming activated, please call 321.
  • No security deposit required.
  • Operator specific GPRS usage rates shall apply.
  • All applicable taxes would be included in addition to the above rates.
  • The tariffs are charged in Pak Rupees when billed. The US$ – Pak Rupee exchange rate applied for each calendar month shall be the open market exchange rate on 23rd day of the preceding month.
  • GPRS charges have been calculated using prevailing exchange rates and are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Above GPRS charges are shown in 1KB increments. For operator specific charging interval, please refer to the Charging Interval column above.
  • For detailed tariffs/peak hour timings of a specific network, contact the Customer Service personnel and the helpline number of the respective operator.
  • MMS charges are event based.

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