Warid Increases Maintenance Fee on Balance Loads to 5%


Warid has announced that it will start deducting 5 percent on all card recharges and reloads from December 11th, 2013.

Previously all other operators had imposed and then increased similar charges they deduct on card recharges and reloads. It is now Warid has followed the pattern to increase charges on reloads.

Not to forget, government had increased Withholding Tax on telecom services from 10 percent to 15 percent from this July, that is deducted at the time of card recharges and loads.

Warid Telecom, in a notice appearing on its website, said:

Dear Customers, maintenance fee will be revised to 5% on all recharges through scratch cards and WaridLoad from 11th December 2013. Thank you

Telecom consumers are paying over 35 percent of their loads as taxes or service charges. Consumers have repeatedly urged the regulator and government to revise these additional charges and taxes on cellular and other telecom services. However it appears that authorities aren’t doing much for their relief.

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