Warid ATM Locator [App Review]

So, I had recently toured various cities of Pakistan along with my Friends for pleasure, and one of the greatest issues that I was confronted with whilst travelling through Rawalpindi was to locate the suitable ATM to withdraw some Money.

Sadly, then I was not familiar with this app by Warid that assists you in locating nearest ATM instantly. This App is called, “ATM Locator”, and Android users can download it from here.

After returning home, I decided to review this app just to find out how useful it is.

Admitting the factor that this isn’t the first ATM app on PlayStore – a few banks have developed their own, and there are a handful of free third-party apps available as well but Warid’s ATM Locator database appears to be much more thorough, suggesting ATM locations based on your current position, and with some gripping built-in features that take this app to one of the top ranked app in its niche.


When installed Warid’s ATM Locator on my Galaxy Note; It requested me to turn the GPS On for location accuracy when launched for the first time, so I did.

It values adducing that GPS need a clear Aerial view to discover your Position, but this isn’t essential all the time because most Android based GPS caches last known location and uses Wifi/Cell positioning to get position information even when there are no GPS signals at all.

After I turned the GPS On, the App introduced me with the following options,

● Find Nearest ATM,

● Search ATM By Banks,

● Search By City.

You could choose any option based on your needs, In my case, I chose “Find Nearest ATM”.

(I had also attempted to choose this option with the GPS turned off, but the App coerced me to keep GPS on before proceeding.)


The App then started searching for the ATMs near me and after waiting for like 30 seconds it presented me with the following screen,


At this point, my expectation with the App had begun to rise-up, and I was really fascinated with the layout and how simply the Banks were displayed on the Map with the block around each. Concisely, I’d say that Warid didn’t delude me at all.

From many ATMs to choose from, I decided to go with Standard Chartered,


The App then suggested me the shortest route to reach at this particular ATM,


and on clicking, “View Route” the App highlighted the complete route, from my Home location to the ATM in the Map View,


Beside the options reviewed above there are some other great features offered by this App, like

* Search ATM by a specific bank.

* Search ATMs via city.

* Easy to know about ATM (includes all important information).

* Get easy directions to the ATM.

* Directions by guidelines and map plotting.

* Takes you to the shortest path to ATM.

* Tells distance and time to the ATM from your current position.

Here are some more Screenshots from the App,



After reviewing it, I may conclude that this App is a must have for Smartphone’s users based in Pakistan. Beside providing some dignified features, It can save you a lot of time from being wasted searching for Banks and ATMs.

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