VP Sales and Deputy CTO of Mobilink Resign


Recently appointed Vice President Sales, Mr. Irfan Akram and Mr. Irfan Farooq, Deputy Chief Technology Officer, have resigned from their positions at Mobilink, we have confirmed with sources.

Moied Javeed will replace Irfan Akram as head of sales while the slot for Deputy CTO is likely to get abolished.

Irfan Akram, who was previously heading Customer care, was made the VP of Sales just a week ago. He had previously headed sales, but that was before 2009 when market dynamics and competition situation was altogether different.

It appears that along with long-running differences with the management, Mr. Akram decided to not to take on the new challenge and rather retired from his position.

Irfan Akram was working with Mobilink since 2003 while outgoing Deputy CTO, Irfan Farooq had been with Mobilink for last eighteen years in various capacities.

Moied Javeed, the new sales chief, has been with Mobilink for last eight years. His recent most appointment as head of Data services at Mobilink earned the company at least five fold more customers and the revenues.

Before Mobilink, Moied had worked for Telenor and World Call.

Mobilink has been reshuffling its top management for a while now. Apparently the idea is to cope with the changing market situation and to take on upcoming challenges in the telecom industry of Pakistan.

Appointment of a young individual as VP of Sales is a hint that Mobilink has decided to test the fresh and promising blood.

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