Ufone Knocks Down Telenor with Hisaab Do Service

Knocks Down

Telenor recently kicked off a campaign (read war) against all other operators by accusing them of stealing balance from mobile phone users.

Telenor, with its blunt TVCs, claimed that all operators steal balance of their customers while Telenor, according to its TVC, is the only operator with most honest and transparent practices.

In response to Telenor, Ufone has come up with a service that sends customers one SMS a day with daily summary of all the costs and charges that were deducted from the account on the previous day.

This service, called Hisaab SMS, is sent to customers daily with not only call and SMS costs but details of all charges associated with any value added services (that a customer is subscribed to) are also shared.

Here is a sample screen of Hisaab SMS:


Most importantly, Hisaab SMS is free of charge and all Ufone prepaid customers are automatically subscribed to the service. Though they can unsubscribe it by calling helpline.

Unlike Telenor – that just claimed to be the most honest operator – Ufone has shown us the perfect example of what the honesty and transparency is.

We will have to see if Telenor has guts to be transparent enough to its customers by starting a similar service that clearly communicates all the charges that are deducted from customers?

Just in case if you missed, below is Ufone’s TVC about Hisaab SMS:

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