Telecom Sector Expects Increased Business by Servicing Car Navigation System

Car Navigation System

A group of friends plan to head out to a riding resort a few kilometers away from the great city of Lahore. Their mode of transport is a privately owned vehicle and their direction guide is a mobile phone with internet connectivity. Technology and telecom make reaching any place a piece of cake.

Technology makes navigation easy

Technology has permeated all areas of our life. Whether it is brewing a fresh cup of coffee from the coffee maker in the morning, getting to work on time, purchasing property or home appliances, technological advancements have made life easier for all of us in different ways.

One such advancement is the introduction of navigation systems in automobiles. These ensure that you will never lose your way again.

There are complete navigation systems which are fixed on the dash of the car. These make use of global positioning system (GPS) devices which pinpoint the longitude and latitude of the vehicle.

The system is preloaded with road data and a number of options. These are then used to provide the user with directions. In addition, these navigation systems also provide route management which helps people select the quickest traffic-free route to their destination.

In Pakistan, one can avail this feature offered by car makers Toyota and Honda by paying an additional fee. These are fixed on to the car’s main dash panel and provide easy access and control to the driver. Suzuki motors Pakistan has introduced integrated navigation system and rear camera in the Swift DLX and Swift Automatic. Moreover, there are a number of other multi-media options such as playback, USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

A type of navigation – Telecom and Smart apps

The widespread use of smart-phone provides stiff competition to the prevailing navigation system options both fixed and portable devices. Mobile developers have introduced applications which perform the exact same service while connected to the internet via cellular service. This results in increased business for the telecom sector.

In this day and age, cities are expanding rapidly. If you once knew the exact location and directions to a place, that is no longer the situation. Construction of new resorts and developments within cities, on main expressways or city outskirts has facilitated the need for having up-to-date and agile navigation systems.

A number of people today use their private transport to visit new destinations and no one wants to get lost in the wilderness. Using mobile phones and smart applications – Google Maps for instance — to navigate one’s way around the city or to a resort a few kilometers away has changed the way people travel now.

These navigation tools are usually bandwidth hungry apps, meaning that a ripe area for the telcos to explore. Car riders usually stay away from such navigation apps due to high data costs, and this is where exactly is the potential for the cellular companies.

It is largely assumed that tons of subscribers can be fetched if cellular companies consider offering data bundles specifically for navigation apps only, like they are doing for chat apps, Facebook etc..

On a side note, technology also helps you chose the vehicle you want to drive, whether you want a sedan, a hatchback or a sporty 4WD websites like will help you in your decision making.

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