Strategic Alliancez Wins P@SHA Award for Best in Social Media

L-R: Bilal Chughtai, Sehrish Nauman and Nasir Mehmood receiving the ‘Best in Social Media Award’ on behalf of Strategic Alliancez (Pvt) Ltd at 10th P@SHA ICT Awards 2013

Strategic Alliancez (SA) has bagged the “Best in Social Media Award” at the 10th Annual ICT Awards 2013, organized by PASHA in Islamabad.

The award was presented in recognition of SA’s unsurpassable performance for the launch of Uth Pack – Ufone’s lifestyle brand for Pakistani youth.

Since its launch on digital media, Uth Pack has sustained a growth rate and interaction ratio higher than its competition. The campaign covered all major direct publishers with integrated digital assets moderated across Facebook, Google, Twitter, Daily Motion and Soundcloud.

Commenting on the agency’s USP, Umair Javed, CEO SA said, “It has been SA’s tradition to lead the digital arena since its inception. Over the past three years, every corporate brand that SA managed has risen to undisputedly becoming the leader on digital front. Our strength lies in a team of strategists, technology experts and communication designers that enable the best one-stop solution with highest RoI to our clients.”

Unlike most of the regular digital launches which only focus on exposure and fan acquisition, SA focused on fan to user conversion. Sharing the strategy behind Uth Pack’s digital launch, Talha Bin Hisaam, Chief Strategy Officer of SA said, “Our aim was to contribute to the bottom-line by closing the sales funnel, delivering an end-to-end solution to Ufone. The launch strategy was divided into three phases: Exposure, where we acquainted our audiences to the brand; Engagement, where we mobilized our audiences and partnered in content creation; and Acquisition, where we incentivized SIM bookings and enabled digital activation.”

Pakistan’s telecom industry was saturated pot boiling with competition just when Ufone launched Uth Pack to redefine mobile connection.

Not a fancy claim if we look at their promotional strategy that breaks away from the traditional way of economizing rates and instead focused its energies on affinities. Uth Pack’s comprehensive affinity program gives its young customers access to 14 of the world’s best brands at 250+ outlets across Pakistan with attractive discounts that are already proving a magnet for SIM bookings and number portability.

On the digital front Uth Pack proved to be the first youth oriented telecom brand in Pakistan to offer SIM bookings in a matter of few clicks. An app “Book My Number” has been given substantial exposure on media designed especially for the internet savvy target group to incentivize SIM bookings.

Uth Pack unlocks a world of endless possibilities and SA is beyond proud for highest interaction rates in business vertical since launch to date, innovative and indigenous creative, only youth telecom brand that offers fan to customer conversion via Facebook and the only telco brand to offer home delivery on sales through Facebook are some of the many achievements of Uth Pack powered by Strategic Alliancez (Pvt) Ltd..

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