Schedule for the Rollout of Biometric System Finalized


Cellular operators along with Ministry of IT and Telecom, PTA, NADRA and Interior Ministry have finalized the plan and schedule for the implementation of biometric verification system, we have confirmed with sources.

As per the information we have got, the high-ups of cellular companies have agreed to deploy the biometric verification system in the country.

Cellular companies along with NADRA, PTA and other relevant ministry will work out the modalities, procedures, NADRA charges per SIM verification and SOPs for biometric verification system till First week of October 2013.

A source who is directly familiar with the matter confirmed that cellular companies will start deploying biometric verification system during second week of October 2013.

Rollout of biometric verification system will start with company owned customer service centres of all five cellular operators in the country.

After customer service centres, biometric verification system will be rolled out with a deadline of August 31st, 2014 for the completion of the deployment at around 75,000 outlets throughout the country.

Sources further revealed that 15,000 outlets are going to be common for all mobile operators, i.e. non-exclusive retailers who sell SIMs of multiple companies. Biometric devices – that are going to cost around 35,000 per unit – on these 15,000 common outlets is going to be funded by USF after BoD approvals.

Cellular companies are going to invest over Rs. 2 billion on the deployment of biometric verification system.

After this new system in place, all sales will be made after authenticating thumb impressions of purchaser with NDARA’s data to be sure that the person who is buying the SIM is indeed the CNIC card holder that he/she is displaying at the time of purchase.

This whole effort is being made to eliminate the chances of unregistered SIMs.

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