PTCL to Offer Free Data Hosting Services to 28 Federal and Provincial Departments

PTCL logoPakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) will be offering data hosting services to 28 government departments for free during first 15 months. Federal and provincial departments will be provisioned PTCL’s data hosting services for establishment of e-government system.

This was unveiled during a meeting yesterday held between Minister of State for Information and Technology Anusha Rahman and Mr. Walid Irshad, President PTCL.

Ms. Anusha Rehman, on the occasion, said that after the provision of the said facility by PTCL, it would be possible now for Ministry of Information Technology to materialize its plan of introduction of e-government system in rest of 28 federal ministries, provinces, Prime Minister Office and Ministry of Information Technology itself as soon as the understanding between Ministry of IT and PTCL is formally concluded.

Ministry of IT and Telecom, when asked, said that government of Pakistan selected PTCL for provision of services due to its FOC (free of cost) terms for first 15 months. Ministry said that during this time NTC will get its data centre deployment done after which services will be acquired directly from NTC.

Ministry, however, accepted that it didn’t publicly announce the tender for the provision of services.

Ministry said that security of data will not be an issue as its application is 128 bit encrypted and that only less-secure files will be placed on PTCL’s servers.

When asked about the favours PTCL might claim against these free services, Ministry of IT and Telecom said that no favour will be returned to PTCL against the service.

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