PTCL Launches Online Self Service Portal


PTCL has launched an online portal that it is calling “Self Service Portal”, primarily aimed at helping customers with sale and support services.

Currently, customers are not allowed to create their accounts to get updated status about the (landline or broadband) services they are using. However, customers can register complaints, know the status of the complaint and chat live with PTCL’s customer support team.

It is likely that company will add more features in WSS with time.

Early impressions suggest that a self-proclaimed Self Service Portal is a half-hearted effort that should have various additional features to actually service customers. For instance, there are countless PTCL customers who are still unable to keep track of their data usage history, a much-requested feature especially when data limits are in place.

The self service could be a blessing if customers were given an option to upgrade/degrade or modify the broadband speeds, access levels and other similar things.

Nonetheless, lets praise PTCL’s efforts in getting us a platform where customers can order new DSL/Broadband connections or EVO (wireless broadband) devices. There are good number of tutorial videos available on the portal as well. Frequent Asked Questions is another section that can benefit the customers to a great extent too.

You can visit PTCL Self Service Portal here:

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