PTA Seeks Help from Citizens to Curb Grey Traffic

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is now seeking help from community in identifying grey telephony.

Authority has said that it has taken numerous measures to curb the illegal international traffic that lands into Pakistan bypassing the legal routes. This illegal international incoming traffic is incurring huge financial loses to the government (and operators) because these illegal calls are not taxed.

How to Identify an Illegal International Call


We have a detailed article here, explaining that how illegal international calls reach Pakistan. However, in simpler words, If you get an International Call with Local Mobile/PTCL number, be informed that this is an illegal call.

How to Report Illegal International Calls

If you receive any international call with local (mobile/landline/WLL etc.) number appearing on your phone please report that incoming number to following 24/7 PTA Call Center contacts:

  • Short Code: 8866 (Mobile phone subscribers can send suspected number to this short code through free SMS)
  • Toll Free No: 0800 55055
  • Landline number: 051 9207059

PTA said that these communication channels will be open round the clock for public to register complaints regarding illegal international traffic.

On a related note, PTA should also listen to consumer complaints concerning low-quality of service from local operators with same passion. There are countless telecom customers who are mishandled by local telecom operators since there’s no one from regulator to listen.

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