PSEB Plans to Publish Year Book for IT Industry

PSEB Plans to Publish Year Book for IT Industry

With an aim to boost local IT industry, PSEB is reportedly preparing to publish Pakistan’s Year Book for Information Technology sector.

PSEB’s Year Book is likely to be a comprehensive repository of the IT industry focusing on its strengths, expertise and achievements. Administration at PSEB expects that the year book will provide an opportunity to the IT companies to project their products, service and expertise to prospective buyers and investors, both in Pakistan and abroad.

Pakistan’s IT sector has lately earned international repute with diverse range of mobile apps and web products. Pakistani developers and IT companies are consistently featured amongst the top IT companies of the region.

The Year book is seen as a platform to serve country’s IT industry as a marketing tool in the regional and global market.

PSEB said that year book will be widely circulated to make sure the maximum reach.

PSEB is also looking for advertisements in the year book from IT companies. It said that companies looking to project their products and services can reach a variety of audience through advertisements – that cost from Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 200,000 — in the year book.

The idea of paid advertisements, however, makes us feel that platform will soon shape up as a commercial product instead of a industry boosting pamphlet.

IT companies looking to get themselves in the Year Book can have more details by clicking this link.

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