Play Store has Now Over 1 Million Malware Apps

If you are a desirous Play Store pioneer, who fondles to experiment with random Apps from Android Play Store regularly, then there is a firm chance that your phone has been compromised by one of the One Million high-risk malware apps existing on Play Store.

Security researcher, Gelo Abendan of Trend Micro has evidently unveiled that, the number of malicious content, malwares and high-risk application in Play Store has already hit 1 Million mark with still three month to spare before the year ends.

Trend Micro researchers had earlier foretold that, due to the high demand of Android devices, the malware count will reach 1Million mark by the end of 2013.

According to the researchers, FAKEINST and OPFAKE had topped the Mobile malware family, affecting the total of 64% of the mobile phones affected, in general, here is the statistics revealing the influence of each malware in making Android based phones, a High-risk choice for an individual.


FAKEINST malware is generally disguised as legitimate applications, and are known to be premium service abusers — sending costly text messages to services without a user’s permission and incurring high costs as a result.

OPFAKE is similar to FAKEINST, and also mimics legitimate apps — but one variant, ANDROIDOS_OPFAKE.CTD, opens HTML files that ask users to download malicious files, as well as performing standard risky activities including premium service abuse.

The threat to mobile devices is not limited to personal data theft and adware, however, Trend Micro says that banking transactions performed on a smartphone or tablet are at increased risk too.


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