PasswordBox – An Award Winning App that Remembers your Passwords for You


With one having a number of email IDs and accounts on different websites, it is bound for someone to forget the required login details, and end-up creating a new account.

Considering this issue an organization called, Password Box has developed a perfect and an award winning app to overcome this every day problem, this is app is called a “PasswordBox”, and it keeps your passwords safe giving you the liberty to access any account without having to remember your login credentials.

Before diving in, let’s first read what others have to say about it,

According to CNET,

“PasswordBox sets itself apart from the competitors with some innovative security features.”

Wall Street Journal said,

“PasswordBox worked like a charm.”

PC MAG rated it as an excellent app saying,

“Quite a few of PasswordBox’s features resemble those of top competitors, but it adds features not found in any of them.”

The PasswordBox is a Free Password Manager that automatically saves all your usernames, passwords and other personal data when you browse around.

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The saved usernames and passwords can be retrieved and used to log in to that particular account without having to remember it. It is a very convenient and safe application that helps to store, retrieve and share passwords and other personal details anytime, anywhere and on any device.

It also merits mentioning that the saved passwords are stored in the encrypted form so you shouldn’t be worried about your passwords being stolen from your phone.

While there are several other similar other applications available, what makes PasswordBox different from the others are the unique features. Here is a brief description of some of these features:

  • The password once saved on any device is accessible through any other device as well because it syncs all your devices. Therefore, if you save a password on your phone, it would also be saved on your tablet, computer and browser.
  • As a password manager, the app provides complete security of the login details. The password is automatically saved when browsing. The saved passwords are encrypted with AES-256, the strongest of the encryption available today.
  • As the devices are synced for the passwords, the app protects the data using Secure SSL.
  • The App itself could be locked using a Master password.

The app not only stores passwords but also acts as your digital wallet since it can save and manage sensitive information like ID card and credit card details, social security numbers, loyalty cards of stores, bank details and other such data.

One wonderful feature in the app is a Legacy Locker. As a legacy locker, the app allows you to protect your digital identity and information not only during your life time but even when you are not around anymore. You can enable the app to pass your digital information to individuals whom you trust.


PasswordBox’s ability to save passwords and sync them with other devices makes it a great app.

Here is the complete list of features,

  • Save time with 1-Tap login to mobile apps and websites
  • Automatically saves your logins while you browse
  • Passwords are encrypted with AES-256, the strongest grade of encryption available
  • Secure SSL protects your data during sync between devices
  • Create new strong passwords and save them while you browse
  • Locked with a Master Password that only YOU know
  • Optional Pin Code Lock for additional security
  • Secure password sharing and management, for sharing passwords with co-workers or family
  • Instant Login to your accounts using our secure in-app browser
  • Encrypted Safe Notes for sensitive personal information
  • Customizable StartPage for accessing your most-visited sites with 1-Tap
  • 20,000 recognized sites make it easy to add new accounts to your StartPage
  • Auto-Lock function to safeguard against theft


I must say that the PasswordBox is a dignified app, not just for those who cannot remember their login details, but for those who manages different accounts and face troubles remembering all of their login credentials.

It’s a perfect solution for the security of all sorts of data, whether it’s a username and password or credit card’s details. Concisely, it has everything that you want!

The app can be downloaded from PlayStore by visiting,

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