Pakistan Plans to Unify Free Online Courses from Top Global Universities


Pakistan is all set to offer top-quality online education to Pakistani students through an integrated online platform that will unify all sorts of online courses from top of the line universities around the world, claimed Dr. Prof Atta-ur-Rahman, the former chairman of the Higher Education Commission.

All these courses on the platform – which is yet to be named — are supposed to be free and will come with a search capability, i.e. students will be able to search their desired courses.

Platform, which is almost developed and will be launched by Hussain Ebrahim Jamal (HEJ) Institute of Chemistry with-in next two months, will offer best available free online courses like MIT open courseware, Coursera, Udacity, Khan Academy, Virtual University of Pakistan and courses from countless other universities from around the world.

Pakistan has over 30 million internet users with a notable growth rate. Emergence of 3G services will further boost this number many folds.

With such high internet penetration, online courses – that would be free as well – are set to play a pivotal role for the education system of the country. This can be especially wonderful when there’s a lack of trained faculty in Pakistan, which is a major hurdle in educating the masses.

According to Dr. Rehman, Pakistan will be the only country to have brought together the great wealth of educational material from around the world on one single platform.

Via Dawn

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