Pak-China Optic Fiber Link to Get Completed in 2 years for $44 Million

Pak-China Fiber OpticMore details of Pakistan-China Optic Fiber project have surfaced with an unnamed source working at Huawei got in touch with APP, a state run Pakistani news agency.

According to the details that were revealed to the agency, the Optic-Fiber project is going to cost US 44 million dollars and is going to get completed in two years after commencement of work.

Huawei is going to lay-down this 820 kilometer long fiber optic to link Rawalpindi with Khunjarab and then onwards to China’s back-haul network.

The climatic conditions warrant initiation of project from Sust to Khunjrab section on top priority due to a very limited time-period left available in summer the year.

However, other than this section, the project will be executed simultaneously in different sections (cities/towns).

With this new link, Pakistan is going to enjoy the redundant internet voice and data connectivity through China. Country is currently severed with spurs through undersea cables namely SEA-ME-WE 3&4 and IMEWE.

This dependency is not only a risk but also entails security concerns, noted APP. The voice/data and internet traffic can be monitored and disturbed easily. To offset such a threat, through this project, a link will be created between Pakistan and Trans-Asia Europe (TAE) cable in China, which would enable both Pakistan and China to have alternative routes for their international telecom traffic,” said the report citing its source.


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