Over 80% Pakistanis Believe That Lahoris Are a Different Species

Punjab’s Health Minister, Dr. Yasmin Rashid, vented out her frustration at the worsening coronavirus situation in the provincial capital Lahore, by saying that the Lahoris belong to a different species.

She said this because the residents of the city are known for ignoring the SOPs set forth by the health authorities to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Let’s first hear out her words that have sparked plenty of debate. Some are acknowledging the fact that there’s something wrong with Lahoris while others are criticizing the minister for her remarks.

Dr. Yasmin has already apologized for her comments, however, the social media is rife with the debate. Ramiz Raja, a prominent name in the cricket world and a Lahori, recently started a poll to find out whether Dr. Yasmin was right or wrong.

With close to 15,000 votes cast, the results suggest that the health minister was right in her thinking. 85% of the voters have agreed that Lahoris are one of a kind species whereas the remaining 15% are angry at her statement.

The matter became an instant meme on Twitter and everyone’s sharing their views on her words.

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