Mobilink Supports Pakistan Life Saving Foundation in Guarding Karachi’s Coastline


Mobilink Foundation has partnered with the Pakistan Life Saving Foundation (PALS RESCUE) to enhance the response time and coordination of Lifeguard teams at Sand spit and Hawks Bay beaches, in Karachi.

Mobilink Foundation has provided 150 handsets with connectivity to help rescue patrols perform efficiently.The handsets will be provided to lifeguards who patrol Karachi’s beaches to prevent drowning and related injuries.

Omar Manzur, Head of Corporate Communications, Mobilink highlighted, ‘Lifeguards are the unsung heroes protecting thousands of visitors to Karachi’s various beaches. Mobilink is glad to extend the support of our far-reaching connectivity to help these lifeguards better protect beachgoers. We hope that the provision of Mobilink’s connectivity will help PALS lifeguards perform more efficiently in their effort to safeguard lives.”

Reza Samad, President of Pakistan Life Saving Foundation, stated “That PALS Rescue is committed to lifesaving along the beaches of Karachi, and it all becomes possible with the help and support of organizations like Mobilink, who play their critical role in assisting social services”.

With over 3,500 rescues since 2004, Pakistan Life Saving Foundation is the only authority and safety body in Pakistan that works on drowning prevention and water safety. PALS have hundreds of lifeguards along the coastal areas of Karachi , providing watch over the millions of people visiting the beach annually. A majority of PALS lifeguards belong to the underprivileged coastal communities of Karachi and provide these services as a means of doing their part to protect beach-goers.

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