Mobilink Kicks-off Global Handwashing Day 2013

Global Handwashing Day

Mobilink Foundation inaugurated a nationwide drive to celebrate Global Handwashing Day (GDH) 2013, with a hygiene awareness activity at the Pehli Kiran School in Islamabad.

The initiative aims at inculcating the habit of proper hand washing amongst children as a means of preventing disease.

As part of this initiative, Mobilink Foundation Torchbearers (employee volunteers) will be taking the lead in organizing hand washing activities at schools across the country. Mobilink will also be disseminating hygiene awareness via informational SMS, customer centric promotions and social media engagement.

Omar Manzur, Head of Corporate Communications, Mobilink said,

“The simple act of washing one’s hands can have a far reaching impact on the health of a community.

Our pledge to take the drive of Global Handwashing Day to various regions of Pakistan is part of Mobilink Foundation’s broader commitment to improving health care across Pakistan.”

Mobilink first celebrated the GDH in 2012 through similar activities carried out by its Torchbearers. These activities mark the Global Handwashing Day as a broad-based initiative to spread hand wash hygiene-awareness, educate children on the proper technique of handwashing as well as reaffirm a commitment to proper hygiene.

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