Microsoft Holds ICT Event for NGOs, Youth

Microsoft Holds ICT Event for NGOs, Youth

Microsoft Pakistan addressed Information Communication Technology solutions for NGOs, Youth and Education at a day-long event last week.

Prominent educationists, philanthropists, representatives from social sector and community builders attended the event where discussions on the use of ICT solutions to alleviate social problems ensued.

“Microsoft technology has been benefiting the social as well as educational sector. This event is to further promote the many advantages Microsoft can offer when it comes to tackling issues of poverty, health, education, environment and cultural heritage to name just a few. We have also pledged to reach, by 2015, the next 1 billion users who have yet to receive the benefits of ICT”, said Mr Amir Rao Country Manager Microsoft Pakistan.

Microsoft’s 21st Century Learning tool which enables students not only to grasp concepts very quickly but also facilitates problem solving skills and knowledge construction was spoken of at length.

“The 21st Century Learning Device opens whole new avenues for teachers and students alike.  On the students’ part it encourages self- regulation, concept building and innovation, whereas the teachers can use the tool to introduce new ways of thinking and problem solving,” commented a student present at the occasion.

Employability Portal, Microsoft’s popular CSR initiative, was also spoken of at length. Employability Portal provides available courses to develop professional skills, a job search function as well as youth mentoring by professionals and social networking. The portal will help bridge the opportunity divide for young Pakistanis through the use of technology. This implementation truly reflects the aspirations of Microsoft for a better society.

Office 365, Microsoft’s new and complete office version, allows users to stream full versions of all applications on any internet connected device. Thus enabling them to work on the go via any tablet, phone or PC.

The Office 365 University connects teachers & students online for remote classes as well as post class discussions and assignments. The full range of Office 365 features advanced tools and rubrics beneficial for the social and educational sector.

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