Lookout: Your Complete Solution for Mobile Security!


Being one of the most sought-after name in security for Post-PC Era that is dedicated to making the mobile experience safe for the users Lookout Mobile Security has some dignified security related Apps that assists you in tackling your mobile security issues effectually, be it recognizing emerging threats, obviating fraud , fighting cyber crime, or to locate your stolen phone; Lookout has a solution to nearly every security related issue of yours.


One of their outstanding app which has over 50 million installs, and that coerced me into writing about it, is “Top Security & Antivirus FREE”. This App has almost every security feature that every good security app should have, including periodic scanning of your installed Apps, Safe Internet Browsing to prevent phishing attacks, Privacy advising, etcetera.

It also maintains up-to-date list of all the possible Android Malware to keep your smartphone protected against the latest threats.

According to the PCWorld,

“Lookout should be one of your first stops on the Android Market!”

The App is All-in-One AntiVirus with Anti Theft and Phone Tracker features, beside keeping you safe it also helps you in keeping your data secure by Backing it up, this data includes your Google contacts, your Photos and your complete Call history.

One of its main feature that would be pretty alluring particularly for Pakistani audience is, “FIND MY PHONE”, that helps you in locating your Missing device.


This feature includes,

• Locate & Scream: Map the location of your device and make it sound an alarm – even when it is on silent!

• Signal Flare: Automatically save your phone’s location when the battery is low

• Lock Cam: Get an email with the picture and location of whoever incorrectly enters the passcode 5 times.

It also helps you to keep your sensitive data safe by locking your lost device remotely. On losing the phone the App writes a custom ‘lost’ message to help the person who finds it to bring back it to you as soon as possible. In a case if Phone is stolen, it remotely wipe your personal data including SMS messages, photos, contacts, login credentials and other sensitive details.

Many of the above mentioned features are free for everyone, however, some features like , Photos and Call History Backup, Remote Locking and Wiping, Safe Browsing and Privacy Advising, are only available for Premium users, the Good news is that, Lookup allows to use their Premium services for free for first 14 Days.


After going through every available feature, I must say that I’m quite impressed with the potential this app holds, and I’d recommend it to anyone who’d want to keep their Smartphone secure against all sort of possible threats.

Lookout Antivirus and Security can be downloaded from Playstore by clicking this link.

Check out some screens from the app below:



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