LocPro: A Locally Developed Android App for Location Based Smartphone Privacy

Lock Pro: A Locally Developed Android App for Location Based Smartphone Privacy

Have you ever worried if your friends or acquaintances got access to personal materials in your mobile in your absence? Or you ought share your mobile devices with any fellow and then abruptly become conscious that there are several “private” content that they should not have seen. Oh no! But now that won’t be a problem anymore!

Among sparkles of app, there is yet another app come out by our talented youth. Recently, a startup incubated at Plan9 has launched an app named Lock Pro app that has solved all mobile freaks problem regarding their privacy.

As obvious, smartphone users regardless of age factor are really seeking for an app that can ensure their stuff would remain safe even in their absence. So, an inspiration could be a daily life problem that persuaded Virtual Proz and its team to initiate this Lock pro app.

To start off, Lock pro, an android app does it all to make smartphone even smarter by exploring locations. It’s wholly a location based app that ensures privacy at every step while using smartphones and its plenty of features.

LocPro is designed to make privacy factor of either gallery or application certain as well as manages phone settings and contacts automatically on the basis of location. That is you can restrict access to certain apps (or gallery, or contacts) at home while others apps while when you are away from home.

Available on Google Play store for now, it gets accurate location updates while consuming minimum battery with a simple design so that user can use the application easily.

Let us take a look at some of exciting features of Lock Pro app:

Location based Security

App Lock

While anyone using your phone to play games or exploring on social media can access to apps that you wouldn’t want otherwise. But with lock pro app, that particular app will instantly be locked based on location. So, smartphone holder doesn’t need to worry about privacy anymore!

Gallery privacy:

Now it would not be a problem if your friend or colleague instantly grabs your mobile phone and willing to see your personal pictures as Lock pro app will not allow them to see what you don’t want to share with them. This intelligent app will manage content itself according to diverse locations.

Contact Management

If there are some contacts or messaging history in your smartphone that you don’t want anyone to see, LocPro will help in this case as well. This app will facilitate user to hide contact details, call history and SMS on the source of location.

Also user can explore call blocking and auto responding features and so on.

Phone Settings

You might have faced this situation most of the times that your mobile phone rings loudly at wrong times either during prayer offerings or official meetings. Lock Pro app has attempted to solve this problem as well by automatically controlling volume of mobile phone on different locations. Moreover, with this app one can control other settings such as wallpaper, screen intensity and wireless settings.


Last but not the least, if you have forgotten to get done with a task relating to particular location, it will remind you about that task as you will surpass from a location. It’s a great plus of this app!

However, according to team members of this startup up, lock pro app will be on a way of further enhancements in near future based on users’ feedback. However, it is predicted that more gleaming applications like Lock pro will be appearing sooner by this start up. So all the best team!

This free app can be download from Play Store by clicking this link.

Check below the screens from the app:

App lock Pro 001 App lock Pro 002

App lock Pro 003 App lock Pro 004

App lock Pro 005 App lock Pro 006

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