Honoring CSR: Warid Continues Spreading Think Pink Thought

Lahore: Group photo of female staff of Warid Telecom trained by Dr. Shumaila Shabbir from Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital as part of ‘Think Pink’ Breast Cancer awareness campaign.

‘Think Pink’ is a joint campaign of Warid and Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre that is aimed at creating awareness on breast cancer, its symptoms and early diagnosis.

Studies have shown that early detection of breast cancer can result in a survival rate of over 90%. Unfortunately, Pakistan has the highest incidence of breast cancer in Asia. Although it is a completely curable form of Cancer if diagnosed timely and as in most of the critical cases reported, the patients were unable to identify the problem just because of not being aware of it.

Warid’s female staff were trained to volunteer to spread the ‘Think Pink’ thought.

Dr. Faisal Sultan, CEO SKMCH&RC, while speaking on the collaborative effort between Warid and Shaukat Khanum said:

There are few brands which are known by their social character and Warid has always been a great support for the cause.

Not only we have together spread the Think Pink message but there is always generous support from Warid we regularly get for the treatment of poor cancer patients who simply cannot afford A-class cancer treatment in Pakistan.

70% of our donations come from such responsible organizations and individual support.With the support of Warid Telecom, we have also successfully launched SKMT Mobile App. It’s a very useful mobile application with all key features combined in it.

The corporations, brands operating in society should giveback to the society by doing their little part. Warid twice qualified for Shaukat Khanum CSR Awards and other corporates should also benchmark by empowering their CSR strategy and role for social welfare.”

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