FAST University Expels & Demotes Students for Sharing Memes on Facebook

Months of protests against online classes amid the Coronavirus pandemic may have gone unnoticed, but universities are not letting light-hearted jokes made by students on social media platforms go unpunished whatsoever.

In an absurd development, FAST University has meted out unjustifiable punishments to a group of students enrolled in its Lahore campus for posting innocuous memes in a Facebook group.


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According to details, 13 students have been collectively ordered to submit a written apology to FAST Lahore and upload it on their individual Facebook profiles.

Whereas, individual penalties imposed on the students range from expulsion from the institute for 6 months to a year, demotion in the grades of all or some courses, and 1-hour community service for a month such as picking litter from the campus once it reopens after the Coronavirus pandemic.

FAST Lahore’s discipline committee headed by Dr. Summaira Sarfraz didn’t stop there, it has ordered 12 of its graduated students to submit a written apology and upload it on their individual Facebook profiles as well.

In case of failure, FAST has threatened to revoke the degrees of its former students and blacklist them.


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Not just this, FAST has threatened them of legal proceedings under cyberbullying and harassment laws.

Moreover, Manager Academics and Deputy Controller of Exams FAST Lahore, Saifullah, has sent out an intimidating email to all existing students notifying them with the penalties imposed on fellow students recently.

The email from the Deputy Controller suggests that there is no space for dissenting voices in FAST.

Meanwhile, the Old Students Association of FAST (OSAF) has also condemned FAST University over its recent high-handedness.

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