Cybernet Starts Internship Program for Local Talent


Cybernet recently initiated its LINK Program that will offer project based internships to IT students this summer.

Cybernet claims that unlike other internship programs, LINK program is specifically designed to engage IT student’s/fresh graduates and offer them opportunities to work with new and emerging technologies.

According to Cybernet’s head of Human Capital Management (HCM), Mr. Yasir Ghaffar, “Students in Pakistan have vast potential and a passion for hard work, it is now up to organizations to give these students necessary opportunities to channel that passion and apply it towards understanding the dynamics of the professional world.”

It was on that note that Cybernet’s HCM department engaged placement offices of Karachi’s top IT universities and set up interviews with their leading talent.

Students were requested to identify their project of choice from a list of options provided. They were interviewed by the company’s leading technology experts. Top candidates were then chosen to represent their university at Cybernet.

Mr. Ghaffar said, “Though we were only able to offer a certain number of project based internships this summer, we met with many students who have exceptional talent and if provided an opportunity to learn, they would be a great asset to any organization.”

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