Bykea Brings Karachiites A Hybrid Way To Pay Their Electricity Bills

Coronavirus continues to accelerate digital uptake in Pakistan. Online solutions for shopping and transactions are allowing citizens to avoid errands and thus reduce exposure to the unprecedented outbreak. But, even as the digital interaction and online shopping grow, cash on delivery remains to be a prevalent payment method.

Because the gaps in financial inclusion remain unplugged, a huge proportion of the Pakistani population is still unbanked. Although mobile banking has been doing its part to fill the void, many people still prefer in-person transactions when it comes to making payments.

While trust in online payments could take more time to build in Pakistan, some tech players are adapting to address the prevalent trend of cash payments.

Bykea, for example, has introduced a unique, hybrid way to allow Karachiites to pay their electricity bills. With a combination of digital and physical interaction, residents of Karachi will be able to get their power bills paid at their doorsteps through a Bykea rider by simply calling 0307-1234567.

After you request cash pickup for the KE (Karachi Electric) bill, a Bykea rider will come to your doorstep to collect the payment and you will soon receive a bill payment confirmation SMS.

“With 95% of households in Karachi continuing to pay their bills in cash, Bykea amid this pandemic has worked with Karachi Electric to offer bill payments at doorstep. And very soon, Karachi residents will also be able to pay their bills via Visa/Mastercard for the small fraction that is digitally savvy,” said Rafiq Malik, COO at Bykea.

Bykea has been at the forefront of serving Pakistan in this time of crisis. By forging partnerships with the local governments and leading nonprofit players, the online bike ride service has played a crucial role in getting help through to the needy.

Now with this unique initiative, the company is enabling people to observe lockdown restrictions and stay safe and protected from the contagion that continues to infect and kill many Pakistanis.

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