47,000 Apps on BlackBerry World Are From One Developer

Blackberry World

Every new OS which comes out in the market faces a major issue in the form of low apps. This is something which somewhat plagues the sales of Windows Phone and other smaller operating systems but BlackBerry seems to have found a way.

A new report tells us that over one-third of the apps in the BlackBerry World come from a single developer called S4BB. When it comes to larger apps from the developer, it’s fine but when you come down to the less popular one, that’s where the real problem starts.

The apps (out of 47,000 from this developer) vary from audiobooks to ebooks, and from cityguides to what not. In a nutshell, most of them actually aren’t apps at all.

If you take out these 47,000 apps from a total no. of 120,000 apps on the store, you’re left with only 73,000 apps. This figure alone tells us that for BlackBerry, quantity means much more than quality.

You may not like Microsoft for some wrong things they’ve been doing lately but the approach they’ve taken for Windows Phone Marketplace is miles better. Not every store is safe from the wrath of poor, useless apps but Windows Phone is way better, this, in a time when the platform is gulping for breath and desperately lacking vital apps.

It’s sad to see sometimes how renowned companies are so madly attracted to being in the numbers race.

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