23 Android Apps That Every Root User Should Have!

If you have just rooted your Android Device for the first time and now you are wondering that what exactly you should be doing with your smartphone, other than installing custom ROMs, flashing kernels etc, then keep reading to unfold the wonders of Android.

Well, if I may speak frankly, you can pretty much tweak with everything on your Android device by using different root apps.

Here in this post, we are going to list up some of the top root apps, that will change your Android experience altogether.

P.S. Majority of following apps will run on Rooted devices only.

1: Rom Manager

Installing and managing different ROMs is a hard job usually. Keeping track of ROMs, backing up and restoring ROMs require plenty of effort.

To make these tasks simple, ROM Manager is what you will require. ROM Manager will get you variety of ROMs to install from and will help in managing them, It can backup and restore your device, let you install ROMs over the air as well as from SD card.

It can also install Clockwork Mod recovery.

rom manager

2: LMT launcher

LMT Launcher provides you quick access to all of your apps and soft keys. It brings an intuitive Pie menu which can be accessed from desired particular area.

LMT Launcher also displays status of your device with various indicators. Launcher is highly customizable, so changing colors, shortcuts and key placement is possible as anything. The device compatibility is limited so you will have to check your phone’s compatibility before you install the launcher. Its available on XDA devs.

lmt launcher

3: ROM Toolbox Pro

This is all-in-one solutions for root users. You can download ROMs directly with-in the app, manage your applications, install different recoveries, install root apps and it even comes with a built in root enabled file browser.

rom toolbox

4: Full!screen

This app is replacement for default android navigation bar. It hides the navigation bar and replaces the whole strip with two corner soft keys allowing you more area on screen to play with.

This app works on both phone and tablets but is recommended to use on tablets, as on phones it would also hide the status bar/notification bar.


5: Titanium backup

This app is your one stop for backing up nearly everything on your device. you can back up individual apps or entire app drawer, even backup those apps to cloud storage. It can keep multiple backups of applications, texts and data.

You can even backup unrooted device and when you root your device so you may restore the whole device the way it was working before while it was unrooted.

titanium backup

6: Superuser

Launching a root app requires a middle guy (access controller) to grant access to the particular root app. Superuser does this middle guy job. It’s a nice app and handles its job pretty well. It also provides logs about different apps that were given access.


7: Font installer

Ever wanted to change your phone’s default font and to replace them with your desired one. Well, you can do that with Font installer, Which comes with bundle of fonts to choose from. It helps customizing your device even more. After selecting your desired font the device is going to reboot and the font would be applied automatically.

font helper

8: Greenify

If you have a device that has many apps installed and most of them are running in background leeching battery and slowing down the device as well, Then Greenify will help you solve this problem as this app is very easy to use and is very light.

The Greenify does not freezes the app completely but merely puts those apps to sleep while not disabling their function entirely.


9: Chainfire 3D

Restricted to play new games because they require newer versions of android or even you want to play tegra games. you can run all those games by simply installing chainfire 3D as it runs between your game and graphic drivers and makes sure that your device is compatible with the game.


10: SetCPU

This app is what that makes rooting your device the real deal, as this app is probably main reason for many geeks out there to root their devices.

With this app you can either underclock or overclock you CPU speed. By underclocking CPU speed you can save lots of battery and even cool down your device but wouldn’t be able to play games at good amount of frame rate.

While by Overclocking you can increase CPU speed to get better performance while playing intense graphical games but this will eat more battery and could even heat up your device.

you can also set profiles in this app to choose from. App can also automatically change CPU frequency in certain conditions for example in sleeping mode it can be set to some lower frequency to save battery as well as to keep the device cool.


11: NoBloat

Trying to delete those apps which come preinstalled and can’t be deleted. NoBloat does that job for you. By deleting such unwanted preinstalled apps you can save storage on your device as well as memory making your device last more because these apps run in the background and consume your battery life.

no bloat

12: WiFiKill

This app allows you to find and kill a particular IP/MAC from your network while the application is running. Which means you can turn WiFi on or off on someone else’s device without even touching it. letting you to be the in charge of your internet connection.


13: dSploit

This app is for experts and geeks who wants the most complete and advanced professional network toolkit on their phones. dSploit is an Android network analysis and penetration application that performs network security assessments on a mobile device.


14: WiFi Pass Recovery & Backup

This app can be used to view, backup or restore passwords for those WiFi spots that you’ve already connected to in the past. In case you’ve forgot password of any WiFi network you can get it back by using this app. Keep in mind this app won’t crack unknown networks.

wifi pass recovery

15: Orbot

Orbot is a proxy app that enables you to use internet more securely. The application can also run on a non-rooted device providing a proxy server only.

whereas on rooted devices you can control the proxy-nature of internet connectivity for selected (or all Apps). This app will lets you work anonymously.


16: Market helper

Market helper creates fake information about your device and country so that you can download applications that may not be listed as compatible with your device.

market helper


17: Fastcharge / Force AC toggle

Have you ever noticed that if your phone is connected to computer then it will charge the battery very slowly. This is because currently most smartphones charge at lower rate when connected to computer. It’s due to the reason that device thinks that you’re using a cheap charger and could harm your device.

By using this app you can toggle power drain port from 500mah to 1000mah or greater. Letting you charge your device faster.

fast charge

18: AdAway

Annoyed by those ads that consume screen area and may result into pop-up every time you accidentally touch them. AdAway enables you to block ads for Android using the hosts file.


19: Root explorer

root explorer is probably the best file explorer in the market. It digs out deep system files and lets you perform pretty much anything with system files.

root explorer

20: Undelete for Root Users

If you’ve accidentally deleted files from your internal storage or from an SD card, you can recover those files using Undelete for Root Users.

Undelete can also completely wipe data off your device, after which it will be impossible to recover the data.



21: LCD Density for Root

This app lets you change your screen resolution. Increasing screen resolution lets you view more stuff on screen but makes things smaller.

22: Screencast Video Recorder

Want to film on-screen video of what you’re doing on your phone. This app is basically for those who want to make video tutorial or to review apps. Free version only lets you make 20 seconds video, In order to make longer videos you would need to buy the app.


23: GMD Gesture Control

GMD lets you assign different gestures to carry out different tasks on your device. Gestures like swiping 4 fingers across the screen takes you back to the previous app or pinching in 4 fingers to navigate back to the home etc.

It’s a nice app to navigate with more ease on tablets as they have bigger screen.


That’s all for today friends. Hope you will enjoy these wonderful apps on your rooted device.

Do let us know if there’s any app that you think that we should have included in the list.

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