"Journey of thousand miles starts with a single step" said La Tzu. Actions are something that arises naturally from stillness. It is said that, great acts are made up of small deeds. The idea of independence is well grounded in the desire of humans to live their lives accordingly in their full spirit and capacities without any subjugation, oppression or curb on their basic fundamental rights and freedoms. For centuries, humans have fought wars and battles for the acquisition of this relatively utopian notion; an aspiration for freedom and independence. I thank the Muslims of subcontinent from the bottom of my heart they that took single step and had travelled this long journey till the independence of Pakistan. During these eventful years we have witnessed wars, gruesome episode of partition, violent uprisings, general anarchy, brutal dictators, shaky democracies, enlightened moderation biased attitude of Britishers towards the Muslims and intolerance together. Our history is a narrative of an aberrant nation. Despite of all these facts, due to the strong willpower, determination, hard work and sacrifices, our great leaders reached their goal and gifted us this independent, beautiful country called Pakistan. They have played their part but now it's high for us to think for its prosperity, dignity, virtue and pride of our country. We have the cherished blessings of all sorts of people; Poets, philosophers, writers, singers, theologists, sportsmen, actors, musicians, judges, lawyers, doctors, soldiers and pedagogues. We have democracy no matter how much tainted, corrupt and maligned it is at present, it has the ability to progress and improve. We have a fledgling electronic media whose rationality and research base is crude and inept but it has the potential to develop and evolve into a mature and responsible media. WE HAVE OUR ARMED FORCES. Who everyday are sacrificing their lives, their moments, and their families only to save this nation from such huge loss. They have been spending endless nights awake so that we the nation can sleep in peace. Our people are getting aware no wonder in a random direction still they are realizing the importance and value of education. The influx and use of technology has enhanced in rural areas. The rampant use of solar power for energy generation as a substitute for traditional methods of power generation in the rural areas of Punjab has been thoughtlessly ignored by our mainstream media. Dissenters argue diversity is bad, I say a country blessed with beautiful diversity as Pakistan should be proud of itself. Have you ever come across with 'chai wala Pathan bhai in Karachi to Karachi biryani center in Peshawar to Kashmiri chai in Lahore?' If you haven't then go gaze upon the horizons of this land enriched with a wonderful diversity of cultures, languages, colours, races and people representing a totality that is Pakistan. Finally without any contention we have a lot of weaknesses and follies. But we must also look on the brighter side. Because where there are troubles and hardships there are solutions and hope. Where there is darkness there is light. "Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you." Future demands us to be ready forever challenging and endless environment, and the best way to cope these oddities is to equip ourselves with the latest knowledge. Nowadays, we see a lot of discussion on Radio, TV talk shows, face book, blogs, conferences, workshops about the future of Pakistan. The participants or guests and topics may not be the same but what is common in all these debates is that everybody seems deeply concerned about the current sorry state of affairs in the country and wants to see a change- a better Pakistan. This awakening among the politically sensitized youth as to how to make the future of Pakistan bright must be seen as a welcome gesture. If I cannot be the person, the change I want to see in my neighborhood, in my society, in my country and in my religion and as a global citizen, then nothing can happen. "What you see in yourself is what you see in world." No ailment as it goes is cured until the right medicine is suggested. In the cure process to point out what causes the disease is more important than the disease itself. Similarly, the future of Pakistan can be made bright only if we could first point out the factors which are creating a hindrance on our way to a bright future and a cure for these factors. At the moment, Underperforming education system, a visionless mob of youth, energy crisis, poor agricultural sector and leadership crisis are the most important factors which are keeping the country away from the road that leads to a bright future. What is required here is to convert all the negatives into positives. This is only possible if we work on our self-first rather than the blame game, which we found easy. I loved this quote of Charles M Schwab "A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited Enthusiasm". We need to be passionate about whatever we are doing and excel in our fields respectively first and then join hands to pay back to our society and country by providing a better educated, well groomed and more cultured generation that upholds true spirit of morals and ethics. In present day Pakistan, due to the population explosion, the young people with over 60% of share are a challenge and an opportunity at the same time. If we can tap this youth bulge and make them an asset by investing in their education, training and positive employment, otherwise soon we will find these young people crowded in street, desperate, if left unharnessed they will become a liability, and threatening to the peace of the country. Thus, there is dire need to convert this challenge into an opportunity by appropriately investing in them. Every endeavor must be made to convert this population into an asset than a liability. To reap dividends from it, the youth must be equipped with the weapon of education. It will certainly go a long way in achieving a bright future for Pakistan. If we can find a way to train them with modern skills and knowledge, up to part to the fully-fledged industrial countries, Pakistan's future is very bright. Future Pakistan can entertain both big sizes of market and growing consumers. In welcoming address, representative UNESCO Islamabad Dr Kozue Kay Nagata stressed not to undermine the potential of young adults in Pakistan. "I can see the faces of youth, young women and men with their potential, and energy in this country. This indicates demographic trend of Pakistan. Pakistan has potential human resources, which is a prerequisite for sustainable and competitive nation's economy". We the youth on personal basis need to study and understand the problem our country is encountering and then think of the possible solution for the purpose. However, just understanding and thinking will not help we need to implement the ideas too. A major reason for us being in this state is that we do not execute our plans; they just remain till the pages. Also that we expect other to work and do not bother what we actually are doing. To sit and talk is easy but actually working for a purpose is what makes a difference. When a person puts a limit on what he will do, he puts a limit on what he can do. Youth all over the world through history, has been a revolutionary force. The precious asset and opulence can revive a nation going through hard time. Youth of a nation can do wonders if availed, trained, educated and informed in an optimum fashion. Though tender an age, yet the intellect, physical strength and wisdom it possesses has no parallel. In such a chaotic state, there is still a huge quantum of hope along side; there is anticipation and prospects en route for accomplishment and triumph. "Hope is not a dream but a way to make dreams a reality." Pakistan is the same nation who had youngsters like Rashid Minhas (Shaheed), Lt Faiz Sultan Malik (Shaheed), Capt Waqas Zameer (Shaheed), Capt Naveed khan (Shaheed), Capt Junaid khan (Shaheed), Capt Manan ul Hasan (Shaheed), and the endless list goes on. Dr. Aafia Siddique, Ali Moeen Nawazish, Arfa Karim Randhawa (late) and Malala Yousafzai and many other not even acknowledged yet, had shown the world the enormous talent and potential we the Pakistani's possess. They all had proven to the world that whatever the circumstances maybe we will not stop struggling and will not let any stone down to make it a developed nation. Making the long story short, Pakistan has a very bright future. A prosperous, peaceful and economically stable Pakistan is not a distant dream any more. It exists. It is real. What is required is the complete implementation of the above given prescription for ailing organs of the country on emergency basis. Those who deny the fact, they need to change their lenses. Long live my brethren. Long live my motherland.   [vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id="cs-1"]