In Pakistan there are various jobs where people are taking salaries in Lacs and we have composed here a list of top 10 and jobs in Pakistan with high salary packages and other benefits including vehicles, house, leaves etc. People who are taking making salary in millions are due to their experience, hard work, and high qualification and most important is they are giving a lot more to their organizations and companies than their salaries in their skills. Managers in Factories, Telecom, Banks and other organization are making most than other fellows there. Some Professors are taking just 25000/- and some are also taking about 500000/- in Pakistan. Like that there is also huge difference in engineering, marketing, doctors and other jobs salaries.  

Chartered Accountant

  Chartered accountants are taking very good salary package from the start of their jobs and after experience of few years some are now making about 2 to 4 Lac easily. Every large company and organization requires chartered accountant for their auditing and other account related tasks. Companies hire CAs for the post of Accountants, Chief Financial Officer, Internal Audit Officers, Treasurer Officer, Financial Analyst and others.   Salary Range: Rs. 75000/- to Rs. 450000/-   Course Path Because it is accounting related field and it is better if you have good interest in accounting and are doing it after matric or FSC / ICom or others.
  • HSSC with at least 50% marks or A Level
  • Graduation with at least 45% Marks

Software engineers / Application Developer

  Software Engineering is still very trendy because of its high salary packages. Various software companies in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are hiring young graduates as internee to start their path. Software Engineering is very vast field and their are many opportunities to go abroad in larger companies.   Qualification Required: BCS / MCS   Salary: from Rs. 50000/- to 300000/-    Path: You can complete your BCS or MCS from any HEC recognized University of College and try to get few years of experience. Companies pay Rs. 1.5 to 4 Lac salaries per month according to job nature.  

Mechanical Engineers

Qualified mechanical engineers get jobs very quickly in Pakistan and specially in Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern countries in various on going projects. It is a path with lot of career growth with the passage of time. Below is details of salary range in different sectors.   Salary: Rs. 35000/- to Rs. 250000/- Qualification Requirement: BSC or MSC mechanical with experience  

IT Managers

  Every Factory and organization requires IT managers. They are highly paid people everyone, not only just in Pakistan but also all over the world. Their main job is computer and IT related. They are responsible for various tasks.   Salary Range: Rs. 30000/- to Rs. 200000/- Job Requirement: BCS or MCS computer science  


  Every year new Pharmaceutical companies are established and they required various professional and most important is Pharmacist. Karachi is hub of these companies and you can apply at any of these according to your qualification and experience.   Salary: Salary depends on job title and experience but range is from Rs. Rs. 30000/- to 150000/- Job Requirement: Pharmacy Graduate, MSC Chemistry, MBBS  

Dental Doctors (Dentists)

Although you have already noticed that doctors earn enough to live a luxurious life but only when they have few years of experience and fame in their specialties. Although all kinds of doctors earn good money but these days most famous are Dental surgeons. It is not about just Job salary but also through their private clinics.   Salary: Well experienced Doctors Salary ranage is from Rs. 45000/- to 150000/- but can earn Rs. 10000/- per day easilty if he/she is well known and famous in town. Even famous doctors inKarachi and Lahore have patients from all over Pakistan.   Job Requirements: MBBS, FCPS  

Civil Engineers

Most of the Pakistani Civil Engineering are attracted to get a job in Saudi Arabia because they can earn easily SR 5000 to SR 6000 per month with other facilities such as free residence, medical, transport and paid vacations etc. But Civil engineers in Pakistan are also earning good money. They get jobs mostly in construction companies and other organization. They can be posted as Project Managers, Site Engineers or sub Engineers.   Salary: If you are a fresher without any prior experience then don’t think much about salary but getting experience have great worth. Any how staring salary of a civil engineers in Pakistan could start from Rs. 35000/- and after 5 to 10 years they can earn 2 to 3 Lac easily.   Job Requirements: BSc Civil Engineering  

Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum Engineers in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and America is very highly paid career. In Pakistan, it is not very famous major but they find job easily and earn a lot from start of their careers. Many Pakistani graduates are already at work in Abu Dhabi and other Middle Eastern Countries as drilling engineers.   Salary: Petroleum Engineers earn far more than computer, chemical andMechanical Engineers. Starting average salary in US is $97000 annually. And in Pakistan average salary of PE is about Rs. 150000/-. Jobs Requirements: Master’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering  

Marketing Managers

Marketing manager is a person which is directly responsible for sales and marketing of any product. All companies require this important person for their better sale in this age of competition. They can earn good amount per month according to their qualification, experience and job efficiency. Changing job from one place to another after few years is a good strategy if you are looking for better salary.   Salary: staring salary of Marketing manager starts from almost Rs. 30000/- and can reach to Rs. 200000/- easily after gaining some experience.   Job Requirements: Graduation / MBA / MPA / M.Com/ CA  

HR Managers

HR means Human Resource and almost every company in Pakistan or abroad requires HR Managers to run their business smoothly. Post name can be different everywhere but a very lucrative career. Girls like it more because the nature of job and many are earning more than 1 Lac Rupees per month in different Organization.   Salary: HR manager’s salary range is from Rs. 35000 to Rs. 150000.   Job Requirement: Masters in HR Management / MBA     [vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id="cs-1"]