SUMMER COLLECTIONS – WHICH LAWN TO BUY? Gosh, I’m seriously confused. Summer season is already home and markets are packed with lawn & cotton dresses. Plenty of designers’ summer collections are also in stores now, varying from stuff quality to the price range. Before the start of the spring, print and electronic media got flooded by designers’ lawn ads. Seriously, being a female it’s a matter of great pride to choose unique and stunning lawn prints for the season. Summer season in Pakistan is prolonged. It’s hot, typically seven months of a year and lawn is especially designed to wear in summer season. Lawn is fine cotton-based stuff, which is sleek, absorbent and easy to carry. Once upon a time it was just lawn but now it has become a “Lawn Mania”: a lifestyle and a status symbol. Credit goes to the advents of designer’s summer collections. Designer’s lawn fever is rising day-by-day. Every year, some new brands of premium lawn are being launched .Designers’ collections are pretty expensive, each lawn suit ranging from 2000-29000 (I’m still in shock). For me it’s hard to digest that a lawn outfit cost you that much and most probably that’s going to last only a season. Tempting designs, embroidery, motifs, lace work, innovative hues and embellishment have taken lawns dresses entirely to a new level. Let me admit that eye-catching giant billboards, hoardings and tempting TV ads have made designers’ summer collections irresistible. But still women’s ever increasing craze for designer’s lawn collection is not a healthy sign. Every lawn brand has a specialty in terms of colour schemes, cuts, fabric quality, traditional design/patterns, and fusion of western and eastern styles. Some like bright colors and floral designs whereas others go for geometrical pattern and soothing colours. Every year fresh designs and unique cuts are launched and it has sharpened the fashion and styling sense of all the ladies out there. I’m going to get a couple of designer’s lawn dresses this season, said my younger sister and I was like, seriously? I’m not that much conscious about branded lawn collections. Okay, I confess that the designer’s lawn collections are very exclusive and lustrous but what’s the point in spending thousands of rupees on a lawn dress that will lose its novelty and colors hardly after 7-8 washes? Some friends of mine are pretty brand conscious and well aware of all the outlets from where they can grab lovely lawn ‘joras’. Sale on lawn collections is enough to blow their minds. In summers, what makes them happy is buying exclusive lawn dresses and then spreading the word of mouth. Such a nice hobby, you see! O yeah, we still have not forgotten the news and footages of fights among women at designer lawn’s sale outlets. How embarrassing! I bet there will be more thrill to watch in this year sales and exhibitions. Online shopping has given a new horizon to the designer’s lawn and imitative designs collections. It’s very convenient to have a look at designs/prints in few clicks and make comparison of all the available options. But still it has its limitations. You can’t feel smoothness of lawn and charisma of design by just looking at a snapshot. Once upon a time, exclusivity used to be the symbol of designers’ summers collection. But in couple of years, replica industry has managed to settle its roots. Branded lawns are booming and so are the top class brand replicas. Every lady wants to wear stylish and trendy dresses of her favourite designer but most of the ladies can’t afford the original ones. Replicas of all top brands have made it possible to wear designer’s dresses with same designs, embroidery and good fabric quality in half price or sometimes even less than half price. I guess it’s wise to opt for the lawn suits that are of good quality as well as pocket friendly. Choose the style that compliments your personality, the colours that compliment your skin tone and the designs (large, small, floral, pattern) that compliment your physical shape. Dress to impress, look good, feel good!

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