Sell Drop Ship Product and Earn Money Work With Company That Offer Drop Shipping Start Your Own Drop Ship Business Moon Textile is the first manufacturer of fabric to come forth and shake hand with online retailers and fashion blogs on drop shipping. Online retailers and fashion blogs owners only need to place product on their websites, when they receive order from their viewers they forward those orders to Moon Textile and Moon textile ships ordered products to customers. The retailers and fashion blogs earn a good amount of commission on each order. So it’s a win win for both parties. Moon textile is still offering good commission on its entire product collections and looking to expand its presence in online world. Working with many online retailers, Moon is specifically interested in fashion blogs space. If you are interested in dropship products and the owner of an e commerce website, fashion blog or online retail shop, you should contact Moon Textile for this opportunity. They can be reached at below contact details. Dropshipping Procedure
  • ·         Collect our product information including product description and price
  • ·         Place that information on your website with product pictures
  • ·         Place fair return policy on website to protect your customer
  • ·         Receive orders from your visitors
  • ·         Forward received orders to Moon Textile
  • ·         Moon Textile will ship ordered products to customers and collect payment
  • ·         Moon pays 15% commission in every 20th day on sale price of products. You will receive 15% of total sale you make.
  • ·         Moon textile will honor your return policy.

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