0110-1024x115 SELL with diKHAWA... Want to Sell with diKHAWA...! diKHAWA is an online shopping store in Pakistan where we sell with style. The aim of diKHAWA Online Shopping is to offer wide variety and best quality at its portal for vendors to sell with diKHAWA. It helps sellers to experience pleasurable and hassle free online selling with diKHAWA to large number of customers across Pakistan. As a seller you handle all your worries and we will market your products and deliver it to the end user help you sell on diKHAWA. You may be a BUYER or a SELLER but there is one thing in common that diKHAWA promises its sellers best-in-class online experience, no matter what are your products. You products can be mobile phones & tablets, mobile phones & tablet accessories, clothing & fashion, jewellery & watches, camera & accessories, footwear, kid’s collection, home appliances & crockery, eyewear, food supplies, health & beauty, books & media, audio video & gaming, handbags & all other products. diKHAWA is online marketplace in Pakistan where vendor wishes to sell its products. diKHAWA is willing to sell the Products on the Seller’s behalf on the online marketplace. diKHAWA acts as agents for selling the products on seller’s behalf on e-commerce portal. diKHAWA targets those sellers who have only do business through Facebook pages. Selling on diKHAWA provides businesses of all sizes a compelling sales channel across Pakistan. diKHAWA helps you easily grow your business online. It is a place to increase your sales in a short span of time. At diKHAWA you can display your inventory for free on our website and earn profit. At diKHAWA you can sell every product which is permitted by law of Pakistan. diKHAWA is the only marketplace where seller success and customer satisfaction are celebrated together. 02-1024x120  
  • Enhance lifestyle of nation: We help our customer’s to look classy and look good every day and on every occasion. Be a part of this journey and boost your sales in Pakistan.
  • Ease Of Selling: Intuitive interface to manage your store, cataloguing support, end to end supply chain management. You can focus on your brand and let us take care of the rest.
  • Grow Our Marketing Expertise: dikHAWA offers its sellers outdoor advertisement campaigns which consist of Billboards in the entire Karachi city. It also offers Facebook marketing. Also advertisement is done on FM channels. Multichannel promotion campaigns, social engagement and in-depth analytics to help you understand your consumer better. diKHAWA targets right customer for the product.
  • Fees: No inventory listing fees. You can update your products free of cost on our website.
  • Convenience: Convenient shopping experience for customers.
  • Payments: We offer secure payments to all our vendors.
  • Contact diKHAWA: For your store to be online contact us and our representative will arrange a meeting with you and will proceed to do business. Our representative will view your product and will guide you accordingly. You can easily open your shop online all over Pakistan.
  • List: Our on-boarding specialists will work with you to take your brand live. Your shop will be online 24/7.People from different cities of Pakistan can view your products and place an order without any hassle and without any charges on our website.
  • Sell: Update your inventory and start receiving orders from our large customer base in Pakistan.
  • Supply: Keep the goods ready, we’ll pick, pack and ship it to customers and will provide valuable services.
  • Earn: Regular settlements and working capital support to help grow your brand. diKHAWA credits the amount due after every ten days after deduction of the charges and commissions.
  • Photography: diKHAWA offers best photography to attract its customers and helps boost your sale. It is done free of cost.
  • Commission: Our representative will come to you and ask the price on which you want to sell the products on our portal. We will ask you selling price of your product and will make agreement that after selling you will get the amount agreed. Than our team will increase the price after calculating our commission and other charges which will be listed price on our portal and you will only get the priced on which you agreed (i.e. selling price). The extra charges will be our commission. We do not charge commission in percentage. Furthermore our commission is negotiable depending on type of your business.
  • Contract: There will be written contract between seller and diKHAWA team to carry business smoothly
048-1024x418   diKHAWA helps you to maximise profit and sell across Pakistan and create brand awareness to large number to people and provide marketing campaigns and help boost your sales. diKHAWA provide satisfactory services to both its sellers and customers .It will be pleasure to be your business partner and if you find this proposal convenient you can move forward to final agreement .For further details you can feel free to contact us.

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