From the Quetta road to the Sulaiman mountains – this terrific marvel of Pakistan is unknown to many. The steep, dangerous and curvy mountainous highway connects two provinces of Pakistan. Fort Munro, also known as Teman Leghari, is a hill-station located at 6,500ft high, bordering Balochistan and Punjab – through Loralai and Dera Ghazi Khan. Sadly, it is one of Pakistan’s most undeveloped hill-stations, compared to Murree, Ziarat or even Gorakh in Sindh. Here’s how Fort Munro looks at different times of the years and why it is one of the most spectacular places in Pakistan!

1. This curvy, edgy and lean highway on the brink of the mountains gives a twilight vision to the travelers – breathtaking!

2. From trucks, to bikes, to cars and even people on foot – Fort Munro can be a delight and a fright at the same time!

3. Once par of the scariest route in Pakistan, the Heavens’ gates open to this extremely beautiful curvy road down the mountain.

4. Apart from the exquisite highway, Fort Munro looks down on the steepest, deepest falls – scary and amazing!

5. And when it snows, the hill-station comes alive with green and white, the true essence of Pakistan.

6. Just down the highway is the Dames Lake in Fort Munro.. the vision of an oasis in the brown landscape!

7. One of the scariest and most uneasy times on Fort Munro.. when you have a big colorful truck coming your way and there is no place to cross..

8. And this… this lush green mountainous route is what Fort Munro is all about!

9. If this doesn’t scare the world out of you when you’re on that turn.. you are untouchable!

10. Another scenic view of Fort Munro – proving that after every scare there is a lush green field to follow.

11. If you’re on your way from Punjab to Balochistan – you will have to cross these water-logged natural places to get to Loralai.

12. Fossils like bivalves are found in abundance at the hill-station on the way to Fort Munro.

13. A replica foot of the walking whale that has said to be a geological marvel of Fort Munro

14. And finally.. this is what Fort Munro is. Green, dangerous, beautiful and a million other words that cannot fit the feeling of travelling through this highway.

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