Best and Top Schools in Karachi Pakistan

Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan. It is considered the back bone of the country. Numerous well –known private and public educational institutes are working in Karachi for the well being of students. Education is very obligatory for building nation and it is the fundamental right of every person. Educational sector is the area where our Government has to do a lot of work to develop strong roots, making sure that each and every person should get quality education. There are a no of institutes in Karachi which are doing really very well. Here is a list of best ranked schools in Karachi: Education Bay (EBAY): Education Bay is located in Defence Housing Authority. It is a Montessori School from O level to A level. Official website British Over Seas (B.O.S): It is located in khayaban-e-Hilal, DHA Pahse VII. Since, 1958 it is providing quality education. It offers classess from Pre-Nursery till A levels. Official website Karachi Grammar School (K.G.S): Karachi Grammar School was founded in 1847. It is an english medium school which promises to provide eminence educational experience to its students. Official website Bay View Academy (B.V.A): Bay View Academy is offering classess from nursery to O is located in khayaban-e-Shaheen, DHA Phase VIII, Karachi, Pakistan. Official website The Indus Academy: It was established in 1989 providing primary and middle school education. It is a private school. Official Website Center For Advanced Studies (C.A.S): Founded in 1981 C.A.S provides classses from O level to advance A level. Its main campus is located in phase VIII, Defence. Official Website Froebel Education Center: Established by a German educationalist in 1990 . it is located in Phase VIII , DHA , Karachi, Pakistan. Official Website Beacon House School System: It is providing quality education since 1975. More than 145 branches of Beacon House School System are working all over Pakistan. It has a no of branches in various areas of Karachi including defence, clifton, steel town. Official Website Bay view High School: It is a co-educational institute founded in 1994 in karachi.  Inspired by british educational system it offers classess from O level to A level. Official Website The international School: It is a private school lacated in Cliffton , Karachi. It provides pre-high to high school classess. Official Website Other Schools Well Rated in Karachi: Other well rated schools in Karachi are: Defense American School , DHA Public School ,ST. John’s High School ,ST. Mary’s School , The City School ,The Lyceum School ,St Patrick’s high school ,St. Patrick’s Girls’ High School,Convent of Jesus and Mary ,Bay View High School Karachi, Karachi Public school.   [vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id="cs-1"]


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