Ziarat, the capital of district Ziarat in Balochistan is a place like no other. One of the only two countries in the world (second one being Kuala Lumpur), that grow the Juniper tree, a tree that grows old for hundreds of years and propels the most appealing smell. Ziarat is a hill station, the only promulgated one in Balochistan, a tourism hotspot. Ziarat is also the place where Pakistan’s founder Quaid-e-Azam  Mohommad Ali Jinnah passed his days of ailment. A diamond in the dirt.

1. The ‘Pahari’ goats roaming around the mountains

2. The eastern side of Jinnah belt, with Juniper trees

3. The mountainous Dozakh Tangi, Ziarat

4. The stupendous Zizri Huts, Zizri Valley in Ziarat

5. Baba Kharwari, where clouds touch your feet

6. Mar Khor, Pakistan’s national animal on Mt Khilafat, Ziarat

7. The beautiful valley of Sista Tangi, Ziarat

8. Tor Kullo (Green apples), most common variety in Ziarat

9. The stunning valley of Juniper trees

10. Ziarat, when it snows

11. The Kawas Dam, Ziarat

12. Quaid-e-Azam’s home of ailment, The Ziarat Residency

13. Kurbi Kach, or better known as Chakor Tangi, Ziarat

14. The stunning Prospect Point, Ziarat, in Spring

15. Ziarat is famous for its red and black cherries, export quality

Ziarat is definitely a diamond in the dirt, the best bit? The humans of Ziarat are extremely humble and simple.   [vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id="cs-1"]