You would be surprised to find out what is hand made in Pakistan and is exported. Here are a few things that show the talent of Pakistani craftsmen. Be amazed by what you see.

1. Sporting Goods – FIFA World Cup Soccer ball is one of the many handmade sporting goods

2. Traditional Shoes – from Multani Khussai to the famous Peshawari Chappal

3. Carpets and Rugs – Handwoven and Hand knotted

4. Garments – From gorgeous bridal dresses to casual clothes. The talent in Pakistan is beyond belief

5. Bedding – Silks, cotton or gultex you name it, Pakistan can make it

6. Leather Products – From top of the line motorcycle jackets to accessories, it’s all made in here at home

7. Clay Dishes – Brightly colored as the province of Punjab itself

8. Wicker Crafts – created with steady fingers and great care

9. Handmade Jewellery – Crafting unique splendid designs using gold, silver and other non-metallic materials

10. Brass and Silver Handicraft

11. Marble crafts – the beauty and the craftsmanship are outstanding

12. Wooden Pottery – speciality of Hunza

13. Camel Bone – Another of Multan’s specials

14. Chooriyan (Bangles) – Hyderabad’s special treat for women

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