Veena Malik is a well known Pakistani actress who has worked in Pakistani as well as Indian Films.

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Veena Malik, Age, Education and Family

Veena Malik was born on 26 Feb, 1984. Veena Malik is a Pakistani actress. She appeared in the Lollywood as well as Bollywood films. Zeenat Malik and Muhammad Ali Malik were her parents. They were not that much supportive about her work but she made her own way. The she got married to Asad Khatak in 2013, and after 3 years of marriage filed a petition for divorce. Currently she is living in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

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Veena Malik’s Career

Veena Malik has been a television host as well as an actor. In 2002 she was called by prime TV to host a show and that is how her career in the entertainment industry started. She improvised on and hour long show and also did the mimicry. She also hosted Geo TV show hum “Hum Sab Omeed Se Hain.” She made her first film debut in 2002. In 2010 she invited in the show “Big Boss.”

Then in 2011 she became part of Cricket World Cup reality show. She has been for a long time criticized by the people of Pakistan for being immoral in the show “big boss.” Even her parents were not happy with her. She blamed Pakistani media on being too biased for the woman working in the media and judging their work.  Then a show “Veena Ka Vivva” was supposed to be aired where she had to search for her soul mate and she had 71000 applicants from the whole world but the show was canceled by the channel as it was announced to shut down. Then she diverted herself towards Islam and later got married to a business man.

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