Wasay Chaudhry is a Pakistani screenwriter, actor, director, host, producer and comedian who is best known for writing drama serials and talk shows for Pakistani Television. He also hosts a comedy talk show on Dunya News by the name, ‘Mazaq Raat’. His most recent movie, ‘Jawaani phir nai aani was a great hit on both Bollywood and Lollywood screens. His name is commonly misspelled as Wasay, Wassay or Vassay.

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Vasay Chaudhry’s Age and Education

Vasay Chaudhry was born in 1981 on the 12th of November making him 36 years old today. He has lived in Lahore all his life. He graduated from Lahore College of Arts and Sciences after completing his A’ levels after which he enrolled himself at GCU for his bachelors. However he did not complete his bachelors from that university, choosing instead to move to University of Punjab from where he eventually graduated. He tried to pursue an education in business by enrolling in the MBA program at the Lahore School of Economics which he left after just one semester. Instead he chose to do his MMA from the National College of Arts and graduated with honors.

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Vasay Chaudhry’s acting career

Vasay Chaudhry began acting in 1998 in a theater play, ‘Desperado’ where he got only 45 seconds of stage time. However, this convinced him to become more involved in the dramatics society in his school. During this time he directed his first play which encouraged interest in behind the scenes work. He debuted as a writer by writing the script for a television series in 2001 based off of his theater play in 2000 named ‘Jutt and Bond’ that starred Fawad Khan. This launched a serious career in writing TV drama serials that were comedic and light as well as incredibly in touch with the intricacies of Pakistani culture. His longest running TV serial series was a huge success beginning with ‘Dolly ki ayegi barat’  and continuing to ‘Takay ki ayegi barat’. He made his fil debut with Waar in 2013. He has also recently written scripts and screenplays for movies such as ‘mein hoon Shahid Afridi’ and ‘Armaan’.

Vasay Chaudhry’s Family Life

Vasay Chaudhry married Mahera Shah in 2008 and the couple has three daughters together.

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Contacting Vasay Chaudhry

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