Shabbir Jan is a veteran Pakistani actor. Even after 30 years of fervent contributions he continues to eagerly dedicate his life to the Pakistani television and film industry. Due to his stern personality he has primarily scored serious and sober roles but has also not hesitated in trying his hand at comedy.

Age and Family Background of Shabbir Jan

Shabbir was born on 19th February 1960 in Karachi (Age: 57 Years). He is a self-made actor who has succeeded on account of his own interest in the field, aided by his exceptional talent. Jan’s personal life has also been fairly theatric in nature. He has been married twice. His relations with his first wife Shamim remain cordial while he continues to live with his second wife Fareeda Shabbir. The latter also belongs to the Pakistani television industry and is most famously known for her strong character in a play called “Pas-e-aina”. The couple have children too.

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Shabbir Jan Dramas

Jan started off his acting career in the late 1970’s. Like every determined tyro he accepted every role and job offer to gain experience in the field. After a period of struggle and hard work he made his big screen debut in a telefilm named “Ghazi Shaheed”, aired in the year 1998.  This catapulted his place in the industry.

Shabbir has acted in multiple drama serials on various television channels and networks. Some of his most famous works include “Barson Baad”, “Binte Adam”, “Kharaash” and “Sharbati” on PTV Home. “Makaan” on Geo TV, “Zindagi Dhoop Tum Ghana Saya” on ARY Digital.

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Shabbir Jan Awards

Shabbir has won the PTV Best Actor (Television) award three times. He has been nominated in the LUX Style Awards for Best Actor in a Television Series (Satellite) and has also won the award twice.

Shabbir Jan, CEO of Shabs Salon

Acting, though the most dominant of Shabbir’s interests, is not the only one. He owns a wellness center, namely Shabs Salon and Spa. He actively partakes in the running and maintenance of his business.

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Shabbir Jan, Personal Life and Marriages.

Jan was first married to Shamim. After a considerable number of years, Shabbir, with the consent of his first wife, re-married. He tied the knot with fellow actress Fareeda. According to him, as said in a television interview, if a man wishes to re-marry he must obtain the consent of his first wife. Re-marrying is Islamically allowed, and hence better than a lot of extra-marital vices. However, in his opinion, the agreement of the current wife is essential.

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Contacting Shabbir Jan

Shabbir isn’t active on social media, but you can find out more about Shabs Salon with the following links.


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