Murad Saeed is a young and aspiring politician of Pakistan belonging to the political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).


Age of Murad Saeed

He was born in 1986 on 17th august thus aged 31 as of 2017

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Education of MuradSaeed

He reported to having completed his Bsc degree in Environmental sciences from the prestigious university of peshawar. In 2015 however, a group of students accused him of obtaining the degree through illegal means which angered him and he decided to take the case to the Peshawar high court.

The high court found irregularities in his degree regarding attendence from 2005 to 2009 , the period during which he claimed to have attended the classes. It was also claimed that the stamp on his degree was fake and he still had to give 3 papers to legally complete his degree.

Later, the university management decided that vice chancellor should step down after this whole fiasco.

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Political Career of Murad Saeed

In his early days as a politician he founded the Insaaf student federation which was the student body of Pakistan tehreekh e insaf  and held the position of president for nearly 4 years. He was elected as an MNA from NA 29 seat in swat while representing PTI in 2013 .

The university management also urged the high court to declare his degree invalid but he took a stay order from the peshawar high court.

He was involved in fight with mian javed latif when the former called PTI leader Imran khan a traitor. The issue was later resolved by a jirga. His home in swat was also attacked .

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Contact Number: 0345-9118976



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