Mir Muhammad Yousaf Badini is a Pakistani politician and a member of the senate. He is an independent candidate.

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Education of Mir Muhammad Yousaf Badini

Yousaf belongs from Balochistan. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Balochistan University.

Mir Muhammad Yousaf Badini’s Political Career

Yousaf was elected as a member of senate during the senate elections of 2015. His tenure will end in March 2021. Currently he is associated with a number of committees of Senate, namely; Cabinet Secretariat, Communications and Petroleum and Natural Resources. He serves as the chairman of Climate Change committee.

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Contacting Mir Muhammad Yousaf Badini

MOBILE: 0300-8381677

ADDRESS: C-63, Badini House, Railway Housing Society , Quetta

Some Pictures of Mir Muhammad Yousaf Badini