Traveling from Mianwali to Muzaffargarh has become easier with 1 train(s). Following is the list of train timings and fares for this journey:

List of Train Fares From Mianwali to Muzaffargarh

Train Name Departure Time Fares (Economy) Fares (AC Lower) Fares (AC Sleeper) Fares (AC Business) Destination Arrival Time
Mehr Express 9:25 PM Rs. 380 Rs. 690 N/a N/a 4:48 AM

Tickets for these train(s) can be booked by dialing the Pakistan Railway helpline at: 117

City of Mianwali is located on the banks of Indus River which makes it rich in agriculture. According to census of 2017 the total population of the city of Mianwali is 767,130. If you’ve traveled over the Mehr Express train from this city to Muzaffargarh, do share your experience in the comments section below!