Jamal Shah is a man of many talents. He has made a name for himself in the Pakistani Show Business and Media Industry as an actor, director, painter and philanthropist. His contributions in the industry are not limited to just acting on screen. He has also actively undertaken the cause of facilitating the youth in the field of fine arts.  Jamal has worked with both national as well as international production lines.

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Education and Age of Jamal Shah

Jamal Shah was born on 3rd January 1956 (Age: 60 Years) in Quetta. Due to his Sayed Pashtun descent, working in the media industry was almost a taboo in his family. However, Shah persisted and ultimately got the education and the basic foundation he desiderated. He has a degree in English Literature from Balochistan University. Later he went on to National College of Arts, Lahore. After which he attended The Slade School of Art, London, and received a Masters degree in Fine Arts.

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Jamal Shah Dramas

Although, Jamal is involved in all aspects and fields of fine arts behind the screen he has also showcased his talent on-screen. Some of his most notable works include, “Baarish K Baad”, “Saaya-e-Dewar Bhi Nahi”. “Aag” “Chunnri”, “Shehzaadi” and “Mai Dewaani”.

Jamal Shah Films

Shah has been a part of some of the best works of the international film industry. He has represented Pakistan as well as the Pakistani film fraternity through his exceptional talent, hard work and professionalism. Jamal made his on screen debut in the film “K2” presented by Paramount Pictures in 1992. He appeared in the TV mini-series “Traffik”, which was acclaimed both nationally and internationally. His other works include, “Ho Mann Jahan”,Hijrat”, and “Revenge of the Worthless”.

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Jamal Shah’s Writing, Direction and Production

Alongside acting, Jamal takes a keen interest in direction and production of plays. He made his directorial debut in the film “Revenge of the Worthless”. After working in the play “Band Galee” by Ashfaq Ahmad, he was inspired to pen down a play of his own. The material outcome of this inspiration was a play called Kohkan which highlighted the troubles of the coal miners. In 2014 Jamal wrote, directed/produced and performed in the drama serial “Aag”.

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Jamal Shah, Contributions in Academia

Coming from a conservative Pashtun family, Shah was well aware of the hurdles placed in the way of anyone with an unconventional dream. He himself had to fight tooth and nail to pursue a career in the media industry. Therefore, in 1984, he was able to establish a Fine Arts Department in The University of Balochistan. This legitimized the field and became a genuine and serious option for the youth as well as their parents to consider. Jamal headed the department for 3 years.

Jamal Shah, Active Role in Organizations

In 1985, Jamal founded the Artists Association of Balochistan and subsequently became the first Chairman of the Artists Association of Pakistan.

In 1992, he founded the HunerKada Academy. Jamal felt, that the youth wasn’t being facilitated enough and had to face unnecessary challenges and social problems. Therefore, to rectify the situation, he decided that self-help was the only option. HunerKada is an institute of Visual and Performing Arts that encompasses nearly every field of Media Studies and Fine Arts.

Jamal is a perfervid promoter of Arts in the country. In 2016, he became the Director General of the Pakistan National Council of Arts. He uses this platform not only to encourage and support the tyros in the industry but also as a stage for the representation of the Pakistani culture.

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Jamal Shah, Wives, Marriages and Children

Jamal was first married to Faryal Gauhar but the marriage ended in a tragic divorce. He is now married to Amna Shah. The couple have 2 children, Mina Shah and Syed Mayyan Mohummed Shah.

Contacting Jamal Shah

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TWITTER: https://twitter.com/jamalshah56

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