Dear Mr.Trump,

I would have made millions of enemies by now just because I called you “Dear” in the start. Let us not talk about that because people aren’t going to gain anything from me. I saw your tweet and I was not surprised at all as I had always expected something harsh and stupid coming out of your mouth. May be it has something to do with your dentures LOL, REMEMBER? ;), or would you like me to show you that video one more time from 6th of December speech LOL. Whatever comes out of that mouth, somehow always get scrambled. May be it is time to see the dentist. I can happily appoint you one if you want. OH I FORGOT, the best dentist may turn out to be immigrant or son of an immigrant or may be a democrat. Wow, you are running out of options. Damn!

Let us now focus on current affairs. Yeah? To be fair, I will not act as citizen of any country while delivering the message from billions around the world. You should not have tweeted against Pakistan, because it was not their war and to help destroy terrorism, they sacrificed countless lives which you keep forgetting. They don’t need your support, they don’t need you for anything, Pakistan did not sacrifice for personal gains but they sacrificed for humanity and you are not their President! who can just boss them around so mind your own business.  Your tweet was nothing more than…… may be an oral issue LOL. If you can’t fight your own war, don’t act tough and if you can’t appreciate don’t talk at all. Pakistan tried to stand by America and if you can’t accept the reality of being a loser in past few wars then don’t dream of winning. Pakistan supported you and stood by you but Pakistan rather have an enemy next time than a backstabbing friend like you.

No matter what you say, it has no effect, not just on Pakistan but on others as well. The whole world knows that you are nothing but a bag full of lies who betrayed his own people. Unlike others, I would be straight forward. I really want to deliver the last message from………… All the Mexicans you called rapists, all the Muslims you called terrorists, all the Republicans and Democrats you deceived, all the Americans you betrayed, all the people of Puerto Rico and Pakistan who you had abandoned after getting your benefits and all the people around the world who have knowledge


People lived without you in peace but your denture problem has caused a great deal to this world. LOL. Palestine has its own issues, Pakistan has its own issues, and China and Russia have their issues, let the world deal with its issues. You are The President of USA and you should be dealing with United States’ issues. Majority don’t like you, minority don’t need you and you have proven yourself unworthy of leadership by betraying your own people. I feel sorry for middle class Americans and rest as well, wish they had a better leader who could actually look after their issues not abandon them as well. Actions speak louder than words and you failed in delivering.